ARMS Reboot 2024

Over 20 years since ARMS first started its acclaimed workshops for New Zealand creators, we are rebooting for the 2020s.

Our courses will be online, bigger and brighter than ever.

After years and years of helping artists promote themselves, we started ARMS out of a desire to help artists help themselves when it comes to marketing, sales and other aspects of business.

More than ever, artists and other creators are in need of the basic know-how to drive their success. Thanks to new technologies, platforms and channels, New Zealand artists can marry proven marketing tactics with the latest technologies to reach a global audience.

Arts, culture and heritage is a cornerstone of society and artists provide profound value to our cultural identity and expression. However, artists on the whole are not valued or remunerated for the priceless work they do. ARMS is here to help remedy that.

Artists supply roses to society and society must pay them back with bread.