Acclaim for ARMS

What people said about the original ARMS workshops

“We have been working with ARMS since September 2003. It’s great to see the passion they bring to the business/arts dynamic and we are very impressed with the hugely positive feedback they receive from participants.”
– Manager, The Biz Centre, Wellington

“There is a real need for this type of training here (and everywhere, I’m sure). It was a lot of fun and there were some great tips to keep people focused on their art business.”
– Manager, Enterprise Wanganui

“I learnt more from this workshop than a whole year at ‘tec.”
– Artist and tertiary student, Wellington

“I’ve been waiting for this kind of workshop for three years.”
– Jewellery artist, Palmerston North

“I told several people: ʻYou MUST attend this workshop’.”
– Writer and editor, Dunedin

“Opened my mind to many great ideas and common sense concepts… Great speakers – my eyes never glazed over once!
– Artist, New Plymouth

“I really admired the way our attention was held for all that time just by the human voice and a whiteboard. Just shows you don’t really need all the gizmos we sometimes get at courses.
– Writer and educationist, wellington

“… disarming persona, eloquence and well-informed delivery. I took a lot out of the day.
– Photographer, Auckland

“Wow, that was so fantastic. It was just what I needed – an IV of enthusiasm along with practical and useful advice. My mind is still buzzy this morning with all the things I could do to aid my own potential.
– Installation artist, Wanganui

“Just want to say thanks for the inspiration at the workshop last week. It was great to sit, listen and gather ideas and hear what others are up to… a great opportunity to network.
– Photographer/artist, Wellington

“Over the last couple of years I have done a lot of research regarding the ‘business side of things’ and got to the point where I reached ‘overwhelmed: information overload’ and was not quite sure where exactly to start. I found all the information in your workshop absolutely great – simple and easy to understand and I know exactly what steps to take from here. Thank you!
– Visual artist, Wellington

“… superb course. I learnt a lot about marketing. Michael and Mark were excellent at presenting and despite being a long course had the whole class fully attentive for the duration.
– Industrial designer, Wellington

“Very informative workshop. Excellent ideas. Recommend it for all new business people.
– Artist, New Plymouth

“Really good speakers… good handout… well presented.
– Artist, New Plymouth

“Great workshop… you guys are on to something!
– Mixed media artist, Wanganui

“I’m very impressed and excited about what you guys are doing. We need more champions and leaders like you.
– Performance tutor, Wellington

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world! (on hearing of new workshop opportunities)
– Artist, Wellington

“Even though the workshop was a really long time ago… I haven’t forgotten what I learned and I have found it really valuable.
– Visual artist, Wellington